Suspense perfectly blends with eroticism in another masterful tale from the devine queen of erotic romance. While London is in shock over the death of beloved politician Tony Venerable, Kyger Galliard satiates himself in a London brothel with one woman after another. Then American heiress Angilee Rosslyn pays her way into his room, begging him to take her virginity.

Determined to thwart her father's plan to marry her to the brutal and piggish Viscount Wroth, Angilee plots to ruin herself for marriage. Surprisingly, that night of passion binds Kyger to Angilee. They continue with clandestine meetings that eventually embroil them in Kyger's tangled investigation into Venerable's murder.

Soon, they're caught in a world where brothels have moving walls, a corpse goes missing, secret symbols are everywhere and unearthly messages draw them into foggy parks. This eventually leads them straight into the den of a diabolical society.

Devine's deft plotting and searing sensuality wrap around you like a silken web. You'll be breathless as Kyger and Angilee are plunged into a dark and deadly world where powerful men play vicious games and the surprises come one after another.

Devine is an expert at drawing us into the dark side of the Victorian world and holding us captive with her prose and passion for her story and characters. (Nov., 350 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin