When a third blonde female victim is found, police chief Rafe Sullivan Rose can no longer deny that Hastings, SC, has a serial killer on its hands. The Special Crimes Unit of the FBI also has been watching these killings, and special agent Isabel Adams senses that it's critical she handle this case.

Rafe is alarmed when he disocvers blonde FBI Agent Adams fits the victims' profile to a T. From the minute he sees her, Rafe feels that something has changed within them both—but will this connection be for good or ill?

Already knowing she's on the killer's radar, Isabel hopes that her special skills will give her an edge. She already has faced true evil in her life. Can Isabel survive another go-round—with a killer who is both clever and completely evil?

The always-awesome Hooper is on a roll with her excellent, compelling Special Crimes Unit series. You can't get better than top-notch suspense tinged with an eerie, paranormal menace that guarantees to deliver chills. (Aug., 343 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith