Image of Sensible Housekeeper Scandalously Pregnant (Extra #118)


Image of Sensible Housekeeper Scandalously Pregnant (Extra #118)
SENSIBLE HOUSEKEEPER, SCANDALOUSLY PREGNANT (3) by Jennie Lucas: Louisa Grey may have loved her cold-hearted Argentinean boss from afar for years, but playboy Rafael Cruz was not marriage material. So Louisa is understandably distressed when she becomes pregnant after a night in his bed. After Rafael accuses her of trying to trap him into marriage, a spunky Louisa defies him. But when Rafael finds out she lied to him, he’ll make her pay. The second half of the novel is enjoyable enough, but the hero’s inexcusably harsh behavior at times, combined with the unclear reasons why Louisa falls in love with him, make the novel difficult to warm up to.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan