SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY is a change of pace for author Jill Barnett. Known for humorous, light-hearted and yet emotional romances, she now turns her considerable talents to an epic, romantic story of five young men and women caught in the turmoil, passion and dangers of war.

As the daughter of a leading American scientist, Kitty Kincaid knows she is in danger, but never expects to be taken hostage by the Nazis in North Africa. What she needs is a miracle and that comes in the form of J.R. Cassidy.

Trained to complete highly difficult and even impossible assignments, J.R. is sent to rescue Kitty from a mountaintop stronghold and bring her through the desert to safety.

Meanwhile Charlotte Charley Morrison is a woman doing a mans job. Charley has flown for as long as she can remember and through she cant fly for the U.S. military, she can ferry planes to the British. That is how she meets both Red Walker and George Skip Inskip.

A Texas mechanic, Red believes hell never leave his hometown until Charleys plane lands nearby and she needs his help in making repairs. Their friendship and her optimism give Red the courage to strike out and join up. She is the force that keeps him going as times get rough.

But it is RAF pilot George Skip Inskip who truly holds Charleys heart. The ace carries a terrible burden from his past that only love can ease.

As fate brings these five together during some of the most harrowing days of the war, the bonds they forge will carry them through the dangers, horror, losses and triumphs that are part of love and war.

Not only has Jill Barnett managed to write a book that reminds us of the classic sagas, but she has written a loving tribute to our parents and grandparents, explaining why they are known as The Greatest Generation. Her characters leap from the pages as do the heartstopping flight scenes and emotionally moving love scenes. Readers looking for that old-fashioned big read will find it here in a masterful story (where each chapters title is that of a 1940s song) of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances, whose bravery will keep you in awe. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin