The only way Amanda Davenport can earn the fare to return to England is by taking a job as governess to Patrick OReillys unruly children. She has no idea that his home is in an isolated part of Australia or that his children have scared off every other governess with pranks.

Patrick knows this proper English woman will also run off, unable to handle the harshness of his uncivilized home. Yet, there is a tension between them that is inexplicable, drawing them closer. Amanda discovers a strength she never knew she had and a place in the wild yet beautiful land.

Even more than that, she finds a love she cannot deny and an answering passion in Patrick. The wilderness speaks to her in a way the staid English countryside never did, and as they face the harshness of an unrelenting drought they discover the power of their love will help them prevail.

Power and passion are the hallmarks of this extraordinary writer. Candace Proctors prose envelops you. You become so involved with the characters that you hate to let them go. Its brilliant portrayal of the beauty and ruggedness of Australia and the powerful people who survive there is one of SEPTEMBER MOONs pluses. It is a story to remember and Ms. Proctor a writer to treasure. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin