Liana is forbidden to all but the Sorcerer who claimed her as his future mate. But from the moment she sees the dark, alluring stranger, she becomes obsessed with touching him and having him in ways she can only imagine. Aric L'tiercel, King of the Nordain, must prevent Liana from mating with any Nordain male of power, including himself, at the peril of the races of Dair. Yet he cannot think of anything other than having her completely.

Aric kidnaps Liana to keep her from the Sorcerer. But her beauty and sensuality captivate him. He must protect her at all costs—including from himself. But how can he resist his heart mate?

Cheyenne McCray's story and larger-than-life characters are wonderfully charming. Their sexual adventures will definitely entertain fans of erotic fantasy and please those who love a good romance! (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel