Anistana, Queen of Faerie, has not found a man who can satisfy her prodigious sexual appetite. She has failed to unite her kingdom with others or to find a mate who is her equal both sexually and magically.

To'en is a powerful, shape-shifting overseer who has lived for centuries and enjoyed the pleasures of many women. From the moment he sees Anistana, he decides he must have her in every way possible. Her fiery spirit intrigues him and her sensuality enthralls him. But he must first protect her from her enemies and then tame her—challenges he gladly undertakes with all the passion and wile he can muster.

McCray delivers another highly spicy and satisfying read in "quickie" format for those who read for passion. A delectable treat with fantastic characters and off-the-charts erotic pleasures. (dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel