Image of Serengeti Sunrise (Serengeti Shifters)


Image of Serengeti Sunrise (Serengeti Shifters)

Heroine Zoe is a presence — a lioness not to be messed with! It is quite amusing watching the powerful almost-Alpha Tyler navigate his way through a relationship with this fiery woman. He knows that if that he gives Zoe an inch, she will take over his whole life. Fortunately for him, she is not looking for a white picked fence, just a no-strings attached affair or so she tells him in her blunt way. Watching their affair turn into something deeper is a pure delight. And while there is little conflict — either internal or external — this is one fun ride.

Shapeshifter Zoe King has lived with the lion pride on the Texas Three Rocks Ranch for over a year. Despite the heat that sizzles between her and fellow shifter Tyler Minor, he has never once touched her. Every time Zoe tries to get close, Tyler shuts down his emotions and backs away. She thinks it is because her brother is the Alpha, but the truth is that Tyler doesn’t want the commitment that would go along with dating Zoe. Tyler has had as much responsibility as he can handle raising his four siblings and he wants his freedom. What he doesn’t take into account is that Zoe also wants to break free from the expectations of others and longs to leave the ranch as well. Can these two get out of their own way long to realize that they are perfect together? (SAMHAIN, May, dl. $3.50)

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Dawn Crowne