Van Horne pens another winner with the eighth entry in her Time Travelers series, which is also the first book in the Isis Medallion Trilogy. This novel transports you into another dimension with both familiar and new faces. The quest for the medallions is fascinating as the modern participants meet their ancestors, and their interactions are well developed. Van Horne does a commendable job of working familiar locations from old legends into the expedition and giving them a fresh face. Her creative locales, attention to detail and brisk pace should leave you anticipating the next installment.

Although the Time Travelers can successfully travel through time at certain phases of the moon, possessing the gold medallions bequeathed by Isis will give them the ability to travel through time at will, enabling them to operate their business much like any other type of public transportation.

Meanwhile, the pages sizzle as Maggie from the past and Sam Cooper from modern times fall in love. Romance is also in store for John Howard, even though he is suspect because he denied his heritage as a Templar Knight and perhaps his rights in the quest for a medallion. But maybe his passionate love for native girl Lily will redeem him. (Time Travelers, Oct., 384 pp., $20.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown