Throughout Adams and Clamp's award-winning Sazi series, petrifying danger has percolated beneath the surface. That ancient menace explodes in the
culmination of this outstanding series. The world this amazingly talented duo has created has been vivid and imaginative -- with characters who leap off
the page -- and fans will be thrilled
to see all of their favorites return one more time. Hang on tight, for this finale will leave you breathless!

Alpha wolf Eric Thompson has a unique gift the Sazi are still trying to sort out. Eric can generate an authentic calling howl that can disrupt airwaves, but he can't control it. After being bitten and changed to Sazi, Holly Sanchez left Denver for the Outback, where she learned of her power as a healer. Holly recently discovered that the human support group for Sazi relatives has turned into a militant organization, and it's generated a formula to turn the Sazi back into humans.

Against this backdrop, the plot to resurrect Marduc, the ancient snake goddess, is reaching culmination. Holly unwittingly finds herself at the center of both plots. Can she and Eric somehow find a way to prevent a disaster before it's too late? (TOR, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith