Image of Servant: the Acceptance


Image of Servant: the Acceptance

Foster delivers another chilling installment in the Servant saga. Her latest villain is likely to give readers nightmares; but in this series offering there is a clear focus on Gabby and Luther's fight against the odds to build a relationship of trust. This tale definitely reminds readers that trust is a two-way street!

There's a new evil in town. This one has unwittingly become the target of Gabby by torturing and killing the prostitutes who Gabby has sworn to protect. It should be an easy case, but Gabby's superhero senses are changing as she makes real friends. Now, when it's most important that she be divine, she is forced to question if she will be able to have both friendship and a higher calling. (BERKLEY, Sep., 298 pp., $7.99)
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Whitney Kate Sullivan