Image of Servant: the Awakening


Image of Servant: the Awakening

New York Times bestseller Lori Foster uses an alter ego to jump headfirst into
a dark and dangerous world where one woman stands against the demons. Foster's new heroine balances on the edge of sanity and is forced into her demon-slaying quest by a divinely given ability. This is a gruesome story
of a young, emotionally damaged
loner who copes by any means

Gabrielle Cody has always been tormented by phantom pains. It wasn't until she met Father Mullond that Gaby understood her destiny: the pains are signals about impending danger and death to innocents from demons. Gaby's fate is to fight and destroy that evil.

Gaby unwittingly attracts the attention of Detective Luther Cross when he finds her close to a murder victim. He's intrigued by this tough, anti-social woman yet, like the hunter he is, he scents trouble. For Gaby, this stubborn man is the first to show her tenderness, but it's a gift she dare not accept. (BERKLEY, Oct., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith