Corporate attorney Jefferson Lambert has no intention of humoring his teenage daughter Emily by attending a reunion in New Orleans. His late wife was the love of his life and he isn't interested in moving on. But Emily not only gets him to New Orleans, she signs him up for a dating service! Enter Sylvie Marchand, who runs the art gallery at her family's elegant old hotel and has been similarly set up by her sisters. A recovering free spirit with a young daughter fathered by a famous musician, Sylvie's unlike anyone Jefferson's ever met ... possibly why he finds her so attractive. It's a mutual attraction, but geography's against them and Sylvie's got emotional baggage of her own. Though there's not a great deal of action in The Setup, by Marie Ferrarella (4), the characterizations and heat between Jefferson and Sylvie make up for it ... and the generous dashes of humor throughout don't hurt, either.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer