Image of Seven Kings (Books of the Shaper)


Image of Seven Kings (Books of the Shaper)

Book two in Fultz’s imaginative visionary tale is the epitome of fantasy. His worldbuilding is in a class by itself. His battle scenes explode with inconceivable actions, his imagery and descriptive narrative gives voice and life to his awe-inspiring characters and his heroes and nightmarish creatures give face to his epic tale. The novel stands well alone, but the series should be read in order.

Much has changed since the seven princes became kings; some survived while some perished. Some houses are plagued by lies — brother turned against brother, husband versus wife — dealing death and destruction. But they must put these things aside, for a far greater danger looms, threatening to tear asunder all that’s been achieved. It will bring giants and men, sorcerers and magic together to fight unconscionable horrors. Will they succeed, will this be their final battle or is the war just beginning? (ORBIT, Jan., 496 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt