This story is as hot as the Nevada desert in summer! Brenna's vulnerability and her blossoming confidence are a fabulous combination, as is Damon's intelligence and romantic intensity. Thoroughly tantalizing, with magnetic characters, a sizzling plot and raw sensuality, this book will have you fanning yourself long after the last page.

Recently divorced, good girl Brenna Cayton has closed her heart for good. So when she's sent by her boss to Las Vegas to keep tabs on her co-worker, bad boy Damon Andros, she figures a little harmless pleasure is just the thing for her fragile heart.

But when sensual pleasure with the hottest man in the music industry turns into a week of scorching fantasy and intimate companionship, her heart melts once again. Brenna thinks he's falling for her too, but what will he do when he discovers the real reason she's there? (heat, Apr., 301 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March