Image of Seven Secrets of Seduction


Image of Seven Secrets of Seduction

With wry wit and clever plotting, Mallory delivers a book as seductive as its title. It teases and engages readers with its original plot and unconventional characters’ insight into romance.

Just like all of London, bookshop clerk Miranda Chase is secretly reading the hottest bestseller, The Seven Secrets of Seduction. But unlike most, she sees more than an erotic read; she sees the multilayered concepts buried beneath the titillation and defends the book to the haughty Maximillian, Viscount Downing. Max views sensuality and desire as necessary to conquest, and he wants to conquer Miranda. Her intellect and passion, innocence and boldness intrigue him enough to lure her to his home with the chance to organize his library. Miranda discovers there is more to him than even he realizes and she writes all this in correspondence to several pen pals, including the book’s author and a cynical critic. There is no secret that Miranda desires Max and he craves her touch, but he is to marry as society demands and he wants Miranda for his mistress. Even as she agrees, there are secrets Max keeps that can destroy her trust — or make her love him forever. (AVON, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin