Fultz’s grand saga concludes in true epic fashion, with a blood-soaked, good-versus-evil finish to the ongoing conflict. The worldbuilding is amazing; Fultz’s narrative paints both a graphic and magical picture of war, and his characters are all perfectly rendered — from the fearsomely nightmarish villains to noble heroes, both immortal and human. This series should be read in order for full understanding and enjoyment.

The final battle lines are drawn and the final battlefield is chosen. To save their people and their way of life from the total domination that could befall them, the Kings of the Five Cities, aided by the Shaper Iardu and his fellow sorcerers, have united against the oppressor Zyung the Almighty Sorcerer God-King, his armies and his minions. While men and giants will battle with flesh against flesh, it’s the war of sorcery that will determine the final outcome — will the earthborn remain free, or will they become the slaves that Zyung yearns for? (ORBIT, Dec., 448 pp., $17.00)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt