Day pens a fast-paced, hot and sexy romance with wonderful characters and appealing secondary stories. Readers may find the supporting characters and their situations more engaging than those of the hero and heroine, but the talented author’s tales flow like a river: sometimes rough and over the rapids, at other times calm and quietly moving.

On the eve of her wedding to Lord Tarley, Jessica catches Alistair Caulfield and Lady Trend in a lover’s embrace. Shocked, curious and mesmerized, Jessica cannot look away. Six years later Jessica is a wealthy widow who books passage to England on Alistair’s ship. Alistair has been half in love with Jessica for years. Now, he has his chance to woo her. At first Jessica rebuffs him, but since they are away from society’s prying eyes, Jessica indulges in an affair. She doesn’t expect to fall in love. They plan to marry, but a letter from Jessica’s sister sends them to England where they learn his brother has died and now he is the heir. Jessica asks Alistair to delay the wedding until he has settled into his new life. It will take jealousy and the anger of others to bring the two of them together. (BRAVA, Sep., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager