A delightful sensual fractured re-telling of Sleeping Beauty! Although there is a romance in the story, the novel is very much about the growth of heroine Talia as she matures into adulthood and becomes more comfortable with her sexuality. Readers will definitely want more stories in a similar vein from the quick mind of author Tia Nevitt!

When the king declares that all of the spinning wheels in the nation be destroyed, young seamstress Talia looses her occupation and then her first love. Although she knows that it would make her an outcast, she has sex with him before he leaves to join the monastery. When Talia realizes that she find a way to spin illegally, she begins trading her body for the goods and services she needs. But will she ever be able to find happiness? When Talia is in her late thirties she learns it’s never too late for her dreams to come true! (Carina Press, dl. $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard