Image of The Seventh Victim


Image of The Seventh Victim

Burton’s latest novel has a calculating villain at its center, plus a strong yet vulnerable heroine and a tough Texas Ranger who is determined to protect her and root out a killer. Burton’s crisp storytelling, solid pacing and well-developed plot will draw you in, and the strong suspense will keep you hooked and make this story hard to put down.

Barely back on the job, Texas Ranger James Beck thinks his latest murder case is tied to the Seattle Strangler, a serial killer who murdered six women seven years ago. Photographer Lara Church, the Strangler’s seventh victim, survived her attack, and Beck pays her a visit to let her know about the possible resurgence of this killer. Lara doesn’t want to revisit that horrible time and yet Beck needs her to, to have a chance at catching the killer. His feelings for her deepen, and the stakes get higher as time runs out. (ZEBRA, Feb., 393 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates