Rowe takes on a slightly darker tone in her new wacked-out tale. No one is pure in this weird and wild tale, but they can be darn funny. The ever-growing cast of characters keeps things lively as many make welcome return appearances. Things are definitely going to hell, but
in a really wacky way!

Paige Darlington is only a month or so old, but as an apprentice rivka to Satan, things have not been dull. Since Paige's mentor, former right-hand girl to Satan Becka Gibbs, broke free, Paige has been trying to do the same. Unfortunately it seems that Satan experimented on Paige, with the end result being anything living or good that Paige touches dies. Which is making Paige pretty lonely, until she runs into shadow warrior Jed Buchanan, whose dark soul doesn't react to her touch. Trying to save his brother, Jed has struck a bargain with Satan Jr. Is there any hope for these semi-doomed souls? (FOREVER, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith