This story has a fascinating premise, which is sadly underdeveloped. There's a nice bit of a mystery, but those looking for a traditional ghostly romance will be disappointed. A large chunk of this story reads like a rather typical erotic romance with mild BDSM. The ghostly rules tend to be inconsistent and confusing, and the ending is rather disappointing.

As a ghost, Claire can't eat anything, and being touched or having sex -- the normal way, that is -- isn't happening. But on a special Halloween night, she will be corporeal once more and have a chance to reconnect with her long-ago love, Jake, and touch his heart. If she succeeds, she can have nine days and nine nights as a mortal to perhaps try to find out how she ended up dead.

As for Jake, he's more than willing to fulfill Claire's fantasies. He even has a few of his own, plus a secret or two. (Zebra, Sep., 224 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley