Fireworks explode when two alphas clash in this refreshing short story. Add a menage, and the temperature soars. The snappy plotline works well in the short format and is complemented by dynamic characters.

Attorney Kyra Davis' friends convince her that the solitaire pearl necklace she found promises a week of sexual fulfillment. Dressed to kill, all she attracts is her professional enemy, Gavin St. Clair. Although she defeats him in court, she's not ready to meet him on the sexual battlefield -- or is she?

Their first nonprofessional meeting at Club Indigo is magic, as is the limo ride to his apartment. They even intrigue the driver, which gives them both ideas. But when Gavin sets her up to miss an important meeting, Kyra is furious. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown