With a tropical setting, many mojitos, a dash of intrigue and plenty of romance, this book is perfect for a day at the beach. Although the tone is light, Pineiro does a good job of giving each character a complete story arc. Although at times the plotlines are a little predictable, Pineiro is ultimately successful in presenting
a fresh and enjoyable picture of four completely different friends trying to
balance their lives as modern women with the demands of their more
traditional Latin families.

Adriana, Tori, Sylvia and Julie are lifelong friends, balancing careers, men and difficult mothers in sunny South Beach. Although each has achieved a modicum of career success, they all feel that something is missing.

When Tori, the least impulsive of the group, falls blissfully in love and elopes, it serves as a catalyst for each of these feisty Latinas to drop their defenses, take some chances, and, with a little help from their friends, write their own happy endings. (DOWNTOWN press, Sep., 304 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider