Image of Sex Appeal


Image of Sex Appeal

This exciting, sizzling follow-up to Whip Appeal features characters who all have their own agenda. It's a fast-paced, crazy roller-coaster ride as Ebony seeks to clear her name, regain her wealth and power and get revenge against her backstabbing lawyer.

When Ebony Knight is framed by her so-called best friend/lawyer Carmelita Sanchez for the murder of her fiance, she's placed in a psychiatric hospital. Ebony and her roommate Kira set the hospital on fire and escape, hell-bent on revenge. But nothing goes as planned. Ebony is carjacked and held hostage by a mother-and-son con artist team until an ex-con named Monk rescues her. Meanwhile, Kira is up to no good, and the cops and the press are hot on their heels. (POCKET, Nov., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg