Image of Sex On the Beach


Image of Sex On the Beach

Lyons' trio of tales about first-time
passion and love rediscovered are pleasant reads. But the no-frills sex
and scant space for developing
characters and relationships keep
the stories from really sizzling.

During a destination wedding in Belize, three very different couples find forever love. Wedding planner Sarah McCann shares a night of passion with the groom's best friend. Then she finds out that Free Lafontaine is trying to sabotage the wedding. Everyone wins in this "War of the Sexes." Model Tamiko Sato travels with her lover to his nephew's wedding, but all is not as it seems. He's gay and she thinks she's frigid, until sparks fly between her and the resort's owner, Ric Nunez. With his help, she's able to heal and find much more than just "Sex With the Proper Stranger."

The bride's parents, Giovanna and James Moncrieff, are getting along as well as Italian olive oil and English tonic water. When they accept that their sexual attraction hasn't burned out, the "Sexy Exes" find a second chance with the perfect balance of passion and love. (HEAT, Jan., 368 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison