Image of Sex Bomb


Image of Sex Bomb
Ellie Jameson grew up fantasizing herself a superheroine, and now works to liven up her job as a makeup artist. Things quickly transition to emergency mode thanks to her estranged father, a major leader in a violent, right-wing radical group. Crime-fighting operative Christian Navarro, part of an organization called the Enforcers, needs Ellie's help to bring down her father. When he tells her she could become an Enforcer if their mission succeeds, Ellie vows to help him. But he's lying to her, and Ellie has trust issues. Can they learn to trust each other when they fall in love? Hot, funny, exciting and unique, Sex Bomb (4.5), by Jamie Sobrato, is a wonderful book. Ellie is a truly original heroine, and Christian is drop-dead attractive.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor