Image of The Sex Club: A Detective Jackson Mystery


Image of The Sex Club: A Detective Jackson Mystery

Sellers’ first Detective Jackson book is an exciting ride into obsession and sex. Wade Jackson is the real deal, pursuing the investigation with the dogged determination readers expect from a veteran detective as two seemingly unconnected cases criss-cross each other in a high-stakes story guaranteed to tantalize.

When Wade Jackson is summoned to a bombing at a local clinic he is shocked, but even more so when his next call involves the dead body of 13-year-old Jessie Davenport, an ex-friend of his daughter’s. Kera Kollmorgan, a nurse at the clinic who saw Jessie just before her death, has information about what Jessie’s Bible study group was really up to, but is bound by confidentiality rules not to share it with the police. As the two work together an attempt is made on Kera’s life and Wade begins to wonder how well he knows his own child. (ECHELON, Feb., 366 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper