Image of Sex As A Second Language


Image of Sex As A Second Language
Ariel Turner, aka Eurogirl, writes a blog about the erotic exploits of an American girl in Europe. When she found out her last lover was a terrorist, she fled Greece for Rome, and a message on her blog indicates he knows why she suddenly left. Her blog is getting boring, so when she finds a potentially interesting man in a cafe, she follows him. Marc Sorrella, a CIA agent investigating a local terrorist cell, is filling in for the U.S. Embassy surveillance guy when he spots Ariel. It turns out that the man Ariel was watching, hoping to pick up, is of interest in the investigation, so Marc will have to investigate her up close and personal. Both funny and intriguing, Sex as a Second Language (4), by Jamie Sobrato, is an exciting, sensual tale.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor