Image of Sexiest Man Alive


Image of Sexiest Man Alive

This sequel to Make Me a Match is a quite entertaining and enjoyable read. The bit of paranormal in the form of the sister's psychic ability adds an intriguing twist to this romantic tale. Holquist makes believable the advantages and disadvantages of knowing the name of your One True Love.

Jasmine has a problem with attractive men: she is wholly and completely intimidated by them, to the point she freezes up and can't interact with them. So when her psychic sister tells her that her one true love's name is Josh Toby, she can't accept that it might be the super-sexy, irresistible actor, especially now that she has landed the job of dresser and costume designer for him. She locates another Josh Toby, a librarian. Unfortunately, he believes her to be a crazy bag lady. As for actor Josh, he wants to be Jasmine's one true love and he is determined to convince her he is. (Forever, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley