Image of Sexile


Image of Sexile

Testing limits is the specialty of
part-time investigator Teresa Knight, Lawrence's returning heroine, who was also featured in Strip Poker and Beg Me. Now Teresa's back and involved in the porn industry at the behest of British intelligence. The mystery is regularly interspersed with sexual activity that, unfortunately, slows down the action. Still, readers will be intrigued enough to crave the resolution.

When MI-6 comes calling, Teresa is skeptical about whether British intelligence is her "real" client. The answer to that question becomes key when she's accused of murdering the producer she's investigating and must run for her life while finding the real killer. The case links back to organized crime in Brazil, and soon Teresa finds herself in a Brazilian ghetto, where she comes face to face with Graham -- who will be her savior in more ways than one. (DELTA, Feb., 361 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins