Image of The Sexorcist (Karmic Consultants)


Image of The Sexorcist (Karmic Consultants)

In her latest Karmic Consultants adventure, Andrews delights with two hot characters who are so colorful you’ll laugh out loud. Bright and bubbly Brittany is the perfect foil for the brooding and cynical Luis. Their love story is wonderful, as is a classic roundup of many of the much-loved Karmic characters.

Brittany Hylton VanDeere applies for a job as a lowly secretary, and ends up getting a lot more than that at Karmic Consultants. There’s excitement in the job, which turns into a secretary/wedding planner position — as well as in the man assigned to help her, Luis Rodriguez. Luis is an exorcist disgusted with his latest round of cases: suburban housewives summoning demons to get him into bed. When he is tasked with helping a cheerful Brittany save a wedding and get rid of the demon trying to wreck the event, he is intrigued. The attraction grows, the wedding looms and Luis and Brittany are going to need each other to exorcise the demon and save the wedding. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, $5.50)

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Sabrina Cooper