Douglas' "Chanku Rising" is the story of Keisha, a young woman coming to grips with her legacy as she takes her place in her pack as the alpha female to Anton's alpha male. Will these two find a good balance, or will a mortal get in the way?

In Mack's "Tiger, Tiger," Dani is mountain climbing in Nepal when an accident leaves her in the arms of a tiger. Dani is stunned when said tiger turns into yummy Jack. Together, these two experience a lot that will keep them warm in the Himalayas.

Anna's "Night of the Jaguar" ventures to the steamy wilds of the Amazon, where Mara experiences quite an adventure on her trip. Here, her dreams are vivid and erotic. When her dream man becomes flesh and blood, what will she do?

These stories, not for the faint of heart, are quite entertaining, and the heat rating is off-the-chart hot! (Mar., 256 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers