Image of Sexy Beast IX


Image of Sexy Beast IX

Three hot stories about heroes who are 50 percent big cats and 100 percent alpha males – what’s not to love? Harper, Jordan and Jones have all penned super-sexy tales, each with a heroine unafraid of what loving a wild animal entails — especially since they’re a little wild themselves!

Jori travels to India in search of Mohan — a rare white tiger. Mohan vaguely remembers being human, but knows he must have Jori for his mate. Harper’s contribution asks just who is “On the Prowl,” Jori or Mohan? In Jordan’s story, Rhiannon has survived weeks of torture at the hands of a madman only to emerge as a Between — a shapeshifter. Elan is the King of the Betweens and fears that Rhiannon is a threat to his people. What happens next is “Between Lovers.” Jones rounds out the collection with a chilling tale of love and betrayal. Amber is continuing her father’s research on the Yaguara, a tribe of shapeshifting jaguars. She meets Jareth — a Yaguara sentinel who realizes Amber and his people are all in terrible danger. In addition, Jareth just may be consumed by “Amber Fire.” (APHRODISIA, Sep., 320 pp., $14.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes