This novella has plenty of sexy scenes, but the focus is on the inner turmoil of the hero. Immortality has not be easy for the conflicted Seth and reader will feel his pain. The story’s fast, supernatural plot races by, but this doesn’t distract from getting to know the hero, heroine and even the surprisingly sympathetic villainess. Kudos to Laurence on her first foray into paranormal romance!

After a particularly brutal death fifteen hundred years before, Seth traded his soul to Archangel Michael. Seth was granted immortality, but in return he must fight the demons threatening to take over the world. The countless battles with hell-bound creatures has left Seth tired, alone and depressed. The only light in his life is his neighbor Camille. When a succubus decides to use Seth for her own immoral plans, she takes Camille’s body as a host. Will Seth be able to fight a demon that looks like Camille, or will his feelings get in the way of him doing his duty? (SELF-PUBLISHED, Jan., dl., $1.49)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak