Image of Sexy Little Liar


Image of Sexy Little Liar

Ghetto-fabulous Mink is back, flashier and raunchier than ever, but this time she has competition for the Dominions’ wealth: a look-alike with the same DNA. Noire hits it out of the park in this fast-paced erotic adventure.

In book one, Mink LaRue convinced the Dominions she is their long-lost child, Sable. Now that she’s blown through her $100,000 trust fund, and is running from trouble, she’s back in Texas. But she has a doppelganger (a twin) DY-Nasty, whose DNA matches the missing Sable Dominion, too. As the patriarch of the family lays dying, Barron is determined to keep his family’s multimillions out of the grasp of these two gold diggers and take them both down. (DAFINA, Nov., 246 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg