Image of Sexy Ms. Takes


Image of Sexy Ms. Takes
SEXY MS. TAKES (3) by Jo Leigh: Three novellas, all with the same beginning, show that getting your dreams can take many forms. Bella Lacarie is headed to an important audition that she thinks will change her life. But her taxi is hijacked by Det. John Greco, and soon they're both held prisoner. Sure enough, her life does change. Dancer Willow Hill misses the audition when Dr. Flynn Bradshow knocks her down getting into a taxi. She won't be able to dance in time for the show, but when she goes to stay in his apartment, her life also takes a romantic turn. Finally, Maggie Trent is en route to her audition when she gets a call that her friend Colin's twin brother is missing in Afghanistan. While they wait to see if he's all right, the two come to terms with their feelings for each other. These quickly moving stories are romantic, though not very complex.
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Page Traynor