Jenkins takes you on a ride of
international espionage, intrigue and passion. She weaves together exhilarating plots with complex and larger-than-life characters that draw you into the story. The chemistry between the two main characters is hot and electrifying, and it leaves you wanting them to overcome their differences and release the passion they have for
one another.

Dr. Adam Gary is intelligent, sexy and the brains behind the discovery of a new energy source. His find is so substantial that people around the world are willing to kill for it. For that reason, the government recruits Max Blake to make sure Adam stays alive and delivers the product.

Max is like no other security person Adam knows: a dangerous, independent and beautiful woman the doctor unexpectedly comes to love. But the danger that brings them together may also pull them apart before they realize that love can overcome all fears. (Avon, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tera Alston