Image of Shaded Vision: An Otherworld Novel


Image of Shaded Vision: An Otherworld Novel

The pressure intensifies in this next chapter of mega-talent Galenorn’s high-stakes, high-energy Otherworld series. Juggling the three main protagonist viewpoints for different books is not easy, yet Galenorn makes each D’Artigo sister distinct and uniquely compelling. With a large cast of characters and a world that grows more dangerous and complex with each installment, Otherworld is one truly exceptional series.

Although Camille is still recovering from a vicious sexual assault, there is joy in the D’Artigo household as their dear friend, Finnish house sprite Iris, prepares for her wedding to leprechaun Bruce. Sadly, reality intrudes when a bomb explodes at the Supe Community Center. Through her duties as a Death Maiden, Delilah learns some horrifying facts: rogue coyote shifters have joined forces with several evil sorcerers, working to bring forth one of Shadow Wing’s most fearsome generals. With the enemy one step ahead of them, Delilah, her sisters and their lovers and friends must build new alliances and find hidden enemies, or the situation will grow far more dire. (JOVE, Feb., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith