Amanda Ashley enriches the vampire genre with this breathtaking and timeless story of star-crossed lovers.

For 100 years, evil vampire Count Alexi Kristov has been held captive in the Roskovich Traveling Carnival. Legal secretary Marisa Richards is unwittingly drawn towards the dilapidated carnival display. Her presence ignites the Count's long buried predatory instincts, and he breaks the bonds of silver that bind him.

After visiting the carnival, Marisa suffers from a sense of unease, and two very different men enter her life. Handsome, enigmatic Grigori Chiavari intrigues Marisa with his charm. Edward Ramsey crashes into Marisa's life claiming to be a vampire hunter. He warns her that she could be the target of two powerful vampires. When confronted, Grigori admits he's a vampire, but insists he means her no harm. He is seeking revenge against Alexi, who slaughtered Grigori's family.

Alexi, an old, powerful vampire, begins a terrifying killing spree. Any attempt to destroy him will require Grigori and Edward to become allies. Marisa is trapped in the middle of a deadly struggle as Alexi stalks her, taunting Grigori that once again he will destroy someone Grigori loves.

(Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith