Although she left the Air Force years ago, former intelligence officer Dr. Laura Taylor still has strong ties to the military. She has been occasionally reactivated for top secret special operations assignments when her expertise is needed .

Then there is her close friendship with Special Ops officer Jake Logan. Jake has been a dear friend ever since the day he saved Laura's life during a training exercise. She has seen him through a bad marriage and has loved his young son Timmy as if he were her own. His ex-wife, Madeline Logan, is an alcoholic who was also formerly in Special Ops.

While Jake has custody of Timmy, Madeline files suit to reverse the ruling. Because of the extremely high danger and fatality rate endemic to his job. Jake could potentially lose the case, so for Timmy's sake, Laura suggests that she and Jake marry to file for step-parent adoption.

Laura and Jake's platonic marriage has worked for several years, during which time they have continued to battle the unstable Madeline. But now on the eve of their third adoption court date, Jake is suddenly called in on a deadly new assignment; ROFF, a religious organization in Florida, is actually a terrorist group planning to launch a biological warfare strike. Jake is sent in to recover three missing operatives, but what he discovers is a terrifying trail that leads back to Laura. Is she somehow connected to this group, or the next potential target? Jake and Laura are soon caught up in a deadly game where their lives, and also the lives of thousands of innocent civilians are at stake.

With her impressively realistic portrayal of the jeopardy faced by Special Ops members, dynamic author Vickie Hinze guarantees her readers an edge-of-their-seat thrill ride. You want intrigue, danger and romance? Ms. Hinze can supply them! (July, 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith