Image of Shades of Gray: A KGI Novel


Image of Shades of Gray: A KGI Novel

Banks returns to her KGI series, this time focusing on P.J. and Cole after a harrowing mission gone wrong. The story works because Banks brings her trademark sizzling love scenes, but doesn’t shy away from the ugliness of the criminal behavior her hero and heroine encounter.

Teammates P.J. and Cole have been fellow snipers for years, but Cole never let on about his deeper feelings for P.J. After a passionate night together, the two are sent on a mission to take down a major trafficker in white slavery. P.J. takes a major role, and after surviving a brutal attack, she goes on a revenge mission without her team. She’s missing for six months when Cole and the team catch up with her and must repeatedly reinforce the fact that they are family and she doesn’t have to face anything alone. Cole, in particular, makes the extra effort to make her realize how much she’s loved, especially by him. (BERKELY SENSATION, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins