Seeking solace from the grim images of war, ex-Union officer and widower Radford Grayson returns home to reconcile with his brothers and make a home for his daughter.

The first person he meets is his childhood friend and his brother's fiancée, Evelyn Tucker. Evelyn immediately falls in love with Radford's daughter, Rebecca, and longs to give the child, and the father, security and a peaceful home life. But Evelyn is to marry Radford's brother, dependable Kyle. Evelyn and Kyle are best friends and should be the ideal couple, but independent-thinking Evelyn only agreed to Kyle's proposal to ease her ill father's mind.

With Radford returned, she realizes that what has been missing in her relationship with Kyle is the passion she feels for Radford.

Their forbidden love threatens to destroy the fragile bonds Radford has been rebuilding with his family. But a love like theirs cannot be denied and must be strong enough to overcome complications.

The awesome underlying emotional power of Ms. Lindstrom's story grabs hold as she deftly explores the love between father and child, friends, and the deep, sometimes ambiguous, bonds between brothers. The regrets, the jealousies, the anger and the ultimate love that holds a family together through times of trouble and triumph are all here and guaranteed to move you to tears and even laughter. The first book in a trilogy, SHADES OF HONOR is a portent of great things to come from a very powerful new voice in the genre. SWEET (Jun., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Ktahe Robin