Marissa Jenkins is the type of woman wives despiseshe seeks relationships with only married men. Currently involved with four men, all married, she could care less what anyone thinks. That is, until the threatening phone calls begin. Which wife hates her enough to want to kill her?

In the midst of this, Marissa is also the maid of honor for her friend Charmaines wedding. When Charmaine tries to set her up with the best man, Levi Bronson, Marissa gets mad. Shes tired of people forcing single men on her. Especially flannel-shirt-wearing, handyman, pick-up-driving types. But wait. Theres something about this fix-it guy, Levi. Hmmmmaybe this female does protest a little too much?

SHADES OF JADE is not your typical romantic fiction novel. The moral issue jumps out at youfour married men? Egads, your worst nightmare come true! But Gloria Mallette handles it aptly. Her characters are strong, and vivid in style and expression. Marissas personal growth is plainly visible throughout the story. Readers can only hope the stalker is found before its too late. (Jul., 243 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos