Two years ago, Gwen Sullivans husband was killed by a drunk driver. Now her daughter has gone away to college and Gwen is suffering from a bad case of empty nest syndrome. Needing something to fill her days, Gwen takes a job in a friends interior design shop, all the while questioning the wisdom of working for a friend. She is quickly introduced to a new side of her friend, and wonders how long she can survive the hateful environment, especially after her boss has stuck her in a basement to work. (Gwen has a disorder that requires her to have sunlight.)

Determined to let her light shine, Gwen decides to stick it out and is given the chance to help a young woman in need. She also meets a gorgeous businessman named Oliver, who is in need of some interior design of his own. Gwens relationship with Oliver suffers many obstacles, from Gwens boss forbidding her to see him to the drunk driving accident hidden in his past. Through it all, she relies on God to see her through. Creating scads of tension with her true-to-life conflicts, Melody Carlson pulls her readers deeper into the story with each page. Marvelous characters and their unique style of interaction make this story a winner. (Aug., 256 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson