Image of Shades of Mercy


Image of Shades of Mercy

The authors’ vast knowledge of the Maliseet Indians helps paint an accurate and realistic tale of the unfairness racism has caused in our history. The story is fraught with frustration and sadness but also has an underlying tone of hope and grace. The reader will find joy in not only the message from God but also the lessons we learn from reading of others’ trials and tribulations. Even the most unlovable characters restore our faith in humanity.

In small-town 1954 Maine, Mercy Millar spends her time between helping her father with the rough work of a farmer and spending as much stolen time with her secret love, Mick. They dream of a future together, far away from the demons that plague the Maliseet Indians. But Mercy fears they will never be together because she is white and he is Indian. Tensions rise and cause more of a rift between the whites and the Indians when Mick is accused of the attempted murder of a local man. Mercy is not sure what is going to become of her beloved Mick and begins to lose faith in love and also in God. (RIVER NORTH, Sep., 272 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michele Hagenlock