A sophisticated spin on "Ghostbusters" has Lucien Thorpe trying to convince Eve Abernathy to give him a second chance. He left her at the altar two years ago, but now that she's desperate for his help, Lucien hopes to win her back in this sexy romp of a ghost story turned murder mystery.

Exotic Eve has spent a lifetime documenting paranormal activity; now she craves a home, a husband and children. But she shares a house with two very amorous ghosts. Rumor has it they were killed in a murder—suicide. Eve suspects another scenario, and the only way she'll have peace is to ask Lucien to help. Lucien has made a career out of helping lost souls get to the other side. But in his zeal to assist those unseen, he often neglects his real life. Fate has given him a chance to win Eve back, and as the investigation deepens,

Lucien realizes that he must let go of his past beliefs before he can trust those around him to get to the truth of Eve's shadowy guests.

Lots of love play from the ethereal Viola and Alistair, and the earthbound Eve and Lucien, make this a toe-curling read as well as a good mystery. Although it's not hard to guess whodunit, the author's canny sense of humor will give even expert sleuthers a surprise! SPICY (Jan., 140 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black