The sixth novella in the paranormal Lucani Lovers series, "Shades of Moonlight," has a definite learning curve. But while there are some confusing names associated with the creatures in the story, readers will not have to wonder about the burning need Mara and Race feel for each other. The protectiveness Race has for Mara and her son shows this rugged warrior's softer side — one that will make you wish you had a shifter of your own!

After being forced into virtual slavery by the evil Mala, Mara Marrucini and her young son are finally free. Staying with the shapeshifting Lucani, Mara has not only found a true home and friends, but also a man who makes her desire a real relationship. But before she can give herself fully to wolf shifter Race Aragon, Mara needs to break the spell that has cost her her hearing and voice. Race has been waiting a long time to claim Mara for his own, so when she turns to him for support, he doesn't hesitate. Mara is meant for him and he is going to make sure she knows it. (ELLORA'S CAVE, May, dl., $4.45)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak