Image of Shades of Passion (Hqn)


Image of Shades of Passion (Hqn)

DePaul’s latest entry in her Special Investigative Group series focuses on the often contentious collaboration between law enforcement and mental health workers. Sala’s efficient writing, strong narration and detailed background on her characters will keep you invested in Simon and Nina’s story, and plenty of chemistry between the leads — along with edge-of-your- seat suspense — will keep you riveted.

Detective Simon Granger of the Special Investigations Group is not happy when he is paired with psychiatrist Dr. Nina Whitaker. Yet from the moment Simon and Nina meet, their attraction is instant. How-ever, Simon feels disdain towards her chosen profession, still deep in grief over the death of his ex-girlfriend, a psychiatrist killed by a serial killer. Nina is still haunted herself by the death of a patient. When she is stalked by a dangerous killer bent on revenge, Simon is determined to protect his new love from meet- ing the same fatal end. (HQN, Apr., 384 pp, $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates