The death of Vanessa Wynters employer, Lady Gwendolyn Marrable, proves to be a turning point in her life when shes bequeathed her photography equipment along with an allowance. Lady Gwens will also bids her nephew, Lord Adrian, Viscount of Marrable, to lend her any assistance.

Gwens family convinces Vanessa to move to Sherringham and they commission her to make a photo book of the family estate, Royal Sherringham. Vanessa soon provides proof to the legends of hauntings at Sherringham when a ghostly apparition begins to appear in her photos.

Vanessa believes the spirit is trying to communicate with her. In the interim, Vanessa and Adrians attraction for one another can no longer be denied, despite Adrians twin brothers desires to the contrary and Adrians own guilt over the death of his two previous wives.

As the ghost leads Vanessa and Adrian to uncover a dark secret, Adrian is again accused of his ex-wives deaths and Vanessa must prove his innocence.

SHADES OF THE PAST is a compelling tale enhanced by the mystery surrounding Sherringham Castle. Ms. Kirkwoods artful use of photography to unravel the mystery of the restless spirit lends both credibility and realism to her tale. SENSUAL (Nov., 343 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor